The Next Move Is Yours

The next move IS yours. I’ve been in the real estate industry for a few years now. In order to create credibility,  I celebrated all new development/ construction and went to every building and filmed what New York was going to look like: skyscrapers, amenities like basketball courts, unique outdoor spaces, and even bowling alleys. From there, I started a series on YouTube defining words/ concepts used in real estate so that the Everyman/woman could join the industry- and not be intimidated- or feel alone, like I was. So. I’ve done my homework, and I learn and work closely with other brokers I respect and admire. My real estate business model is different- I have always brought on strategic partners when necessary- the right tool for the right job. I was raised with a one more than zero mentality. I hope you love my exclusive listings that I’m so proud to have sold. Discretion and trust are very important to me and critical to my clients. It’s true that is does take a village. At Douglas ELLIMAN, there is something for everybody everywhere.

I’m so excited to be among the first to introduce @DouglasElliman their new brand campaign, The Next Move Is Yours 

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