You guys have been so great and always giving me such awesome compliments about how I style my home. So, I decided to give you three of my tips so that you can use when you’re staging your house and/or apartment. Please mimic what I do. Like you guys have always said it works since I have sold over 77 million dollars in sales since January 2021.

Right now, since this is the summer and I am a ‘right now’ kind of person, I am not a ‘future kind’ of person, I wear my EDITOR -in -chief of ELLE ACCESSORIES hat when I walk through an apartment — Here are three tips that I am using for myself on my new exclusive at 21 East 66th Street 2W.


This season cobalt blue is a very big color. We saw a lot of cobalt blue in fashion, for it is the Pantone color of the year.  So, I went to Clic gallery in Soho, owned by Christiane Celle, and found two wool thick throws in off setting blues. Next up, pillows! I bought two pillows that I could put in different rooms that were in the same  color scheme but with different texture — this adds depth to the photo and richness when you walk into the room. (Yes, I know this comforter needs a duvet!) 


It’s really important for bedrooms to have a theme-  including a parent’s bedroom, child’s bedroom, or a second room. , It’s always important to have a theme. The apartment should look like one big space. It shouldn’t feel and look like it’s different rooms.


Being the QUEEN of clean, I am obsessed with the show Home Edit.  It’s important for me to walk into a apartment that I’m staging where everything looks and is clean. A laundry room/storage room CAN be decorated with organized cleaning supplies — I’m not gonna lie, I love that I have copious amounts of cleaning supplies- so I can wipe off a finger mark at any time.

I hope you guys had fun today with these three tips as much as I had organizing this gorgeous three bedroom apartment on the upper east side —  steps away from Central Park! Please DM me on Instagram Kellybensimon and let me know what you like and dislike.
My final thought- stage an apartment like it’s your most coveted home.

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