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A big thank you to THE REAL DEAL for the incredible profile on me joining the HOLLY PARKER TEAM at Douglas Elliman. I work closely with both Michael Passaro -who recently opened an office in Nantucket and has epic listings, and with Marc Roman on commercial deals. Its an incredible team filled with MBAs and those with finance backgrounds. That kind of credibility makes me feel very confident in my team players. https://therealdeal.com/2019/08/22/kelly-killoren-bensimon-went-from-modeling-to-the-real-housewives-now-shes-taking-a-crack-at-real-estate/.

Suit Style. Wearing Walter Baker. Use my code Kelly30.

I was really impressed by the REAL DEAL profile for they asked all the questions I didn’t want to leave unanswered. Its important to be transparent and communicate to the press what’s REALLY happening, and the news thats fit to print. We are in an era that is very perception reality based. I have always been transparent as to who I am, and what my intentions are. And, Ive been straight forward when things happen that I don’t approve of. My ethics and my reputation are everything. In a transaction business, being trustworthy is everything.

One of the other aspects to the profile I really liked was the focus on investing in AMERICA. Real Estate porn is everything today, and real estate is becoming the biggest instagram star and vertical. Even if you don’t have your license and are interested in the industry POST away, and show off the most incredible kitchens, bathrooms, and unusual ways to decorate of create new spaces indoors and outdoors.

Now, let have a little fun. Remember real estate isn’t just property. Dinner time is valuable real estate. So, be mindful of how you spend your time dining and with whom. Try to make lunch meetings and or dinners a few times a month. Connect with people you care about, and who care about you. FACETIME is real estate. Keep your life simple, and remember everything is about YOUR time, effort, and resources.

THANK you to the REAL DEAL for being THE REAL DEAL. Im excited about my next chapter.

xx kkb

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