Who’s ready for a staycation NYC? 

It’s a balmy, hot, and fun summer in the city that never sleeps. Since the real estate market is on fire — THIS WEEK 28 contracts have been signed and over 4 MILLION — we know it’s time to fire up the fun in New York! So I made you a list of some of my favorite haunts.

We are starting with SOHO. 
My List:
1. LA Esquina
2. Sola Pasta Bar
4. Jack Wife Freida
5. Cafe Select
6. Shoo Shoo Nolita
7. Soho Diner
8. Cafe Habana
9. Galli Soho
10. Banter NYC
11. Bond Street
12. Rubys
12. The Tyger

Now you have no excuse but to have a fun this week. If you see me in the neighborhood, don’t be shy!

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