10 real estate HOT tips to NOT deter buyers

10 real estate HOT tips to NOT deter buyers

1.    Shag pile carpets are a NO. One never knows what lies and nests in the underbelly of a shag rug. Keep you rugs neat and clean.  Overstock.com has simple and inexpensive rugs that look chic and modern. Fake it till you make it

2.    Heavy floor curtains are a UH OH. No one wants to see your heavy curtains take the light flooded brightness out of your home/ apartment. Black out shades are easy to use and can be concealed quickly.

3.    Cheap faucets are NEVER a good idea for any home. A gas station uses industrial fittings, but a home should be more sophisticated. Homedecor.com has tons of varieties of fittings if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative. Or check out your local vintage store for unusual faucets.

4.    Linoleum on the floors. YIKESSS. Do roller skates come with the apartment? I’d say if this is what you have, rip up the flooring and use the easy to adhere wood ‘tiles.’ They look great and are a fun project- you may really enjoy it. Get a bottle of wine and some Chinese food and celebrate your new floor with a cozy floor dining experience.

5.  Garbage. Please, oh, please take your garbage out before anyone comes in your home. Some buyers may have a strong sense of smell. And, strong smells permeate and linger…

6.    DIY. Please don’t get Etsy.com on us. I know you have your own aesthetic, but please remember when you are selling think HOTEL chic vibes. Mood is everything.

7. Dark lit rooms are a please DONT. Don’t go Darth Vader on us. We want to see every corner of your apt. The world has changed and even your door knobs matter. Get a little bougie, and make your apt shine with LED lights or even the chic LED lights with a filament. The lightbulb is the new chandler.

8. No Photos No Photos. Think Justin Bieber. Keep those personal photos hidden away. Hit your latest art store and paint like Pollpick, or check out Bob Ross ( be careful he’s mesmerizing). Anyone can paints  Its super therapeutic and fun!

9.Creepy crawlers are to be kept at bay. Come on guys, don’t scare your buyers with scary creepy crawlers. Nothing is worse than having fear that unwanted guests live in the apartment/ house WITH you

10. Last but NOT least. Keep your sinks and toilets clean. This is raw hygiene, and crucial. I like scrubbing bubbles is one of my favorites. You can also add  few drops of lavender to a water bottle, and spray away the smells. Smells be GONE.

That’s my list for now. Follow me on Instagram @kellybensimon or @kasa_by_kkb for more tips that are helpful, easy to manage, and can be fun in your real estate adventure. I want you successful!



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