When Fashion Meets Art

When Fashion Meets Art: It would seem that when one fashion house makes a daring fashion statement or startling trend, others take notice and follow on their heels. But the question is, who did it first? No one will ever forget the collaboration Stephen Sprouse did with Louis Vuitton. I still have one of the duffles which my girls always try to take use for weekend travel bags. Marc Jacobs has never been afraid of graffiti and Takashi Murakami’s prints were a celebration in color, perhaps it’s time I let Teddy borrow? Without a doubt, fashion and art are not so distant cousins in the family tree of prestigious creatives. Naturally, when they come together, as brilliantly illustrated by the houses of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Raf Simons, it is a style powerhouse of epic proportions… The iconic Louis Vuitton leather goods get a Louvre worthy update in a collaboration with Jeff Koons. The traditional monogram canvas is swapped with the face of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Thus, from Madison Avenue to Melrose Place, old masters are walking the streets with fashion devotees. Similarly, Miuccia Prada has relied on renowned illustrator, Robert E. McGinnis, to create the prints showcased on skirts and pumps and it is perfection. Net-a-porter has picked up the majority of the looks shown on the runway, proving that with this collection, wearability and editorial excellence walk hand in hand. For the sartorial gentleman, Raf Simon’s eponymous line is working in collaboration with artist, Brian Calvin, to create some epic tees which add a third dimension to menswear staples! Who says art is just for museums?

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