What YOU NEED for Fall 2019


What YOU NEED for FALL 2019.

When it comes to fall fashion, I always gravitate towards the classic NYC Autumn street style: cozy sweaters and over the knee boots. However, after this seasons’ New York Fashion Week, I spotted several new super flattering trends that are just as effortless and fashionable. This list is a combination of my favorites and new classics you will need for this FALL 2019.

1. CAMOUFLAGE: Shop www.pologeorgis.com/kellykillorenbensimon for EnVille camouflage. www.BIRDANDWOLF.com and monogram your own camo coat, and www.LLBean.com camouflage travel bag. Pre-order FoodBank4NYC.org camouflage athleisure www.soulgani.com

2. California vibe: Loving TheWESTSIDE.com for local luxury/ cozy-chic like velour sweaters, REDone denim and black bodysuits, polobyRaplhlauren.com thermals, sweaters in neon colors like Hot pink, yellow, and green.

3. Jumpsuits: A big trend even in denim FRAMEdenim.com

4. Puff sleeves: are everywhere even on sweaters- a trend celebrated by LOVESHACKFANCY.com

5. TRACK PANTS: Patterns on track pants PamandGela.com

6.Animal print: Everywhere from watches to dresses from www.WalterBaker.com to Australian designer www.Zimmerman.com

7. THE micro bag is The IT bag: ‘The BIBA’ from zacbyzacposen head to www.shop.souler.com/Kellybensimon – add the guitar strap on your shoulder bag.

8. Big luxury chains: handbags, designer cinch, and chain belts

9. LONG earrings with feathers and rhinestones: calling it EAR armor, also the single earring, tassels and long beaded earrings, mismatched earrings.

10. Chokers, dramatic brooch’s decorating the lapels of jackets-jeweled bibs

11. Tights are everywhere. Glittery and punch of color at ANNA SUI, fishnets, ribbed pantyhose at MARC JACOBS and KATE SPADE- a fun way to keep up color blocking


13. Cozy scarves/ ribbon tied scarves

14. SOCKS with loafers, heels, sandals

15. Utilitarian. Pull out you cargo pants, and go SRPLS for a cool Saturday vibe.

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