Spring Fling



Spring is in the air. To celebrate this beautiful time of year color yourself happy and bright by shedding the wintry blues and amping up your Spring wardrobe. For me, the ultimate sign that spring is here is the epic return of white jeans. Whoever says you can only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day clearly had never tried on an amazing pair of FRAME denim skintight white out jeans. Accentuate yourself with COLOR, take inspiration from city in bloom and the vibe of St. Trpoez. Strappy heels in assertive hues compliment every outfit and make even a trivial walk to the grocery store, a fashion MOMENT. Who needs the Bumble or Tinder app to get a date when you strut around looking smoking HOT in your springtime stilettos. Maintaining a healthy glow year round is essential for me and I find that pale pastel colors look best with a sun-kissed glow as to not wash you out. Pasty and Pastels, DON’T MIX. I am a huge advocate of spray tans! Bring the outdoors in this season and treat yourself to some fresh cut blooms to style up your space. Drink Iced Coffee in the morning and ice-cold Rose in the evening. Have a Spring Fling, starting with your wardrobe.

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