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No matter the size or style of your wardrobe, everyone seems to always favor that one special item that just seems to complete every outfit. For me, it’s always a large tote. As a girl on the go, I find that oversized bags are as useful when strolling through the airport, running errands through SoHo or en route to Soul Cycle. Paired with dresses or a tight pair of FRAME Denim jeans, large totes, often styled with an oversized coat, are the piece de resistance in most of my looks as seen below! When curating my marketplace,, it was essential that my shop be filled with bag options to keep my fashion forward fans well styled for the upcoming Fashion Week #NYFW! PS- I always like to keep a pair of Manolo pumps in my tote because you never know when you might need to amp up your look at a moments notice… Kkb



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