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Some people knit as a hobby, others Sudoku, I make jewelry. Creating accessories and baubles has been a passion and a pastime of mine since I was 16. Growing up in Wisconsin, I used to make friendship bracelets from fishing wire as a hobby.

As I grew older and began modeling, I started collecting vintage medallions from my travels and incorporating them into my designs. Inspired to see how this interest could develop, I took jewelry making classes and continued to improve and diversify my creations.

One day a buyer from Barney’s was admiring the hand-made (by me!) necklaces I was wearing and thus began my jewelry sales business. Within a couple years, my necklaces made it to the cover of Elle, Shape, and other magazines.

I always wanted to keep the hand-made quality of my pieces, so I never went mass market. To this day, I still make all the charm necklaces by hand. I travel with a bag of stones and my kit so that whenever I’m on a plane, or a passenger in the car, or even just at home while the girls are doing homework, I can create. I love making things that make people smile – seeing someone happy when they put on one of my pieces is the ultimate joy in the process of creation.

Currently, my pieces are sold at Kitson in Los Angeles and Aristokids in Palm Beach. When you buy a piece of my jewelry, you are buying something I made by hand with love.










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