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Fitness and nutrition are a big part of my life – I love to look and feel good – I even wrote a book about it!

When I can’t make it out East to ride my horse, I’ll hit a Soul Cycle class in the city. Workout clothes these days have really evolved from the sweats and day-glo headbands of yesteryear. Anyone remember the Jane Fonda tapes? When I’m out walking Fluffy in the morning or headed to a spin class, I like to keep it simple and chic. I’m not afraid to mix colors or patterns – here I’m wearing Soul Cycle gear and Michi leggings with a Ralph Lauren flannel.

With summer and beach season just around the corner, I’ve been stepping up my routine. It’s important not just to sweat out the bad stuff, but also make sure you’re putting good stuff back into your body. I’ve added Replenish from Glotrition to my arsenal of natural supplements that help me look and feel my best.


Replenish comes in a powder-form which I mix into my water, or sometimes a smoothie if I’m hungry. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re taking in powerful free radical-fighting anti-oxidants. Besides tasting good – I’d describe the flavor as fruity but not too sweet– it contains a patented collagen peptide that boosts collagen production – the stuff that gives skin its youthful elasticity – by 60% in in 30 days. Better a bottle than a needle!




Wearing Soul Cycle


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