PBBA- Pre Big Birthday ANXIETY 


don’t know about you, but every time that I am on the foothills of a birthday, I start to regress. Last night, at Cipriani’s on Fifth Avenue, I began my first entree into PBBA. The lemon meringue cake lured me into what I call “my birthday breakdown.” Whenever I tell people that it’s my birthday, they respond the way they first do when you’re pregnant: you look and feel like shit, but everyone says “you look great!” It is on the outside what matters. My insides are in hyerspace. My allergies are in full force, my eating habits and desire for candy are off the charts. I’m literally stalking NYEATS and the FOODGOD. And, I haven’t been to SoulCycle in months. I know this too shall pass, and I know that Ive been preoccupied with real estate porn, BUT something has to give. Its either going to be my pants size, or I am going to have to curb my own enthusiasm. In the spirit of my Big Birthday episode, Im just going to allow myself to indulge in the beauty of sweets


hese are a few of my favorite things getting me through the next few days leading up to my birthday:

-oozing, undercooked pancakes Mt Kisco Diner

-Smoked salmon and Avocado toast from Cafe Linger

-Chicken Caesar form Soho Park

-Fried Cheeseburger Spring rolls Delicatessen

-Cipriani’s  EPIC Vanilla cake

-Caramel Macchiato’s (venti, with coconut milk) at STARBUCKS

-HUBBA BUBBA bubble gum

-Double fudge brownies… out of the pan

-my moms chocolate cake with sour cream in it (receipe is in I CAN MAKE YOU HOT)

-Bottles of pre-summer Domaine Ott and Wollfer SUMMER in a BOTTLE



y food frenzie has taken over my shoe obsession, don’t even ask! I am really obsessed for GIANVITO ROSSI’s lucite heels. BUT, the only thing keeping me sane and active are these EPIC apartments I get to see everyday.



hank you guys for letting me vent… please give me any advice on instagram or facebook about how I should deal with the last 4 days of April before my birthday. Keep cheering me on until I get to May 1











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