Out & About in NYC: Donna Karan & Mate Gallery






Summer is here. My great friend and  amazing fashion photographer, Matt Albiani of the LIFEGUARD on DUTY book, has taken his All American aesthetic to Grand Banks with his second gallery, Mate Gallery. I love his signature copies of Catcher in the Rye, Russian nautical striped shirts, vintage paintings, home accessories, and rare finds that scream Americana. Check out Mate Gallery at Grand Banks and have an oyster and beer on me.

Donna Karan is a real friend. Karan hosted a party for yogi Colleen Saidman Yee‘s book entitled Yoga for Life. At Urban Zen, Donna Karan’s late husbands gallery, Karan introduced Yee to friends like Christie Brinkley among a slew of beautiful people including some New York Models. Yee, an ex model, has a story which is powerful and one filled with courage. Midwestern born, Yee kicked her own heroin addiction after administering heroin to her best friend through her eye. Since that day, Yee has been on her own incredible journey which is retold in her compelling book. Karan loves those who empower, and Yee is a perfect example of a Karan warrior.






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