Let’s Roll


Hey lovers, do you like my new ride? I kid! While I was down in Florida last week, I made my way over to the Palm Beach Boat Show and they just happened to have this beautiful baby blue Rolls in front – because what else are you going to roll up to your 120 foot yacht in?

Here’s something you might not know about me – I’m a total car fanatic. My dad was a collector and I inherited his passion for wheels as a young girl. Fun fact: my first car was a red classic mini cooper – I’m talking before the remake. She was quite the speedy little thing.

So when the New York International Auto Show rolled into town, I made my way over to the Javits Center to check out the latest and greatest in the car world. Of course I was seduced by the sexy stylings of the new Rolls-Royces. Did you know that there’s a hidden umbrella in the door of each car?

This Rolls has skylights in the ceiling so you can create a sexy mood on date night – as if driving a phantom weren’t already a panty dropper on its own!


The buzz over at Porsche is all about its new hybrid offerings. Environmentally-friendly never looked so good.




While there were some truly awesome wheels present at the car show – I’ve got my heart set on only one: the BMW 635csi from the 80’s. Share with me! What’s your dream car?

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