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Handbags are as essential to my style as healthy hair, a sun-kissed glow, and a great pair of Manolos. Not only can the perfect bag elevate an outfit instantaneously, but it’s practicality comes into pay as well. Everyone knows that I can’t venture far without my Tom Ford lip-gloss, Trident gum, or Jo Malone fragrance! Oh, and jelly beans, of course! Ha! What I have enjoyed most about curating my new marketplace, is not only picking pieces that I love but considering what will be most useful to YOU! Some prefer small bags to large, satchels to hobos, leather to canvas, etc. But one never has to sacrifice style for sensibility. Simply marry the two and celebrate all of your handbags by assigning specific ones to specific activities. For me, I have my go-to girls night out clutch, duffle for my riding equipment, hobo for my SoulCycle gear and my satchel for running errands and chasing after kids. As a Mama Bear, I always end up holding something! Besides, no can give you grief for indulging often in handbag shopping if you’re USING all of your beloved bags! As much as I love buying a new handbag, there is nothing like that “oldie but goodie” that you always gravitate towards. For YOU, I have chosen pieces that are useful, stylish, and TIMELESS. I think that a great bag should age like a fine wine… Happy shopping! Kkb






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