I am always on the hunt for the next big thing. I am always eager to play with the latest fashion trends. I think one thing that separates me is the way I dress for my real life: whimsical, rooted in luxury, and colorful. The other weekend, the weather was gorgeous and I was invited on this epic rooftop off Central Park West. It was warm and I had just finished soul cycle, so I decided to shower and head up to have a glass of rose and watch the sun set. Of course, in the spirit of denim day, I decided to wear my Canadian tuxedo and head out with wet hair, gold hoops, and my fuzzy slippers. I got so many looks on the street for my vintage LV towel handbag and my fuzzy slippers. I thought it was for my jean short vibe, but I quickly realized it was my accessories- it usually is all about my accessories. Get a pair of my one of a kind slippers from www.pologeorgis.com and get your one of a kind vintage towel tote from salvagesags.com! And, please send me a picture of you wearing them!!! xxkkb

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