For The Love of Lavender





Lavender is famous for its light, calming scent. Lavender is a soothing aroma which is versatile, completely natural and pure. Add it to a warm bath for pure relaxation, or let it spread through the room for simple, wonderful aroma therapy. It mixes well with other oils, making it perfect for mixing up a blend of your favorite aromas. Add Lavender oil to water and spray on dog beds, mattresses, and even clothing. It even makes a great floor cleaner! I spray everything from my girls’ sheets to the air in their rooms before bedtime. I opt for lavender oil on my way to a work out session so that I maintain a fresh scent while sweating it out. I love the soothing fragrance in my cleaning supplies, it has become my signature scent for the home. Not only is it s beautiful fragrance but I’m obsessed with the saturated color, as well!

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