For The Love of Fendi

For The Love of Fendi: Today, in a market that is so oversaturated with designer duds coming from brands old and new, it is a true testament to a brand’s design savvy and quality in craftsmanship to have staying power. That is certainly the case with Italian fashion house, Fendi. This iconic brand has been dressing the stylish set since 1925 and shows no signs of slowing down in it’s tenure. But what keeps a fashion brand current and coveted by Editors and Fashionistas, alike? Well, of course many attributes contribute to a brands lifelong legacy, but staying ahead of the trends and innovating are key ingredients. Over the past few seasons, the House of Fendi has turned out some new age icons. The “Peek-a-boo” bag is a must have, The ever-present “Spy Bag” is season-less and on a more playful note, the “Fur Friends” transcend generations of fashion-lovers. And I’m going to just say it, whatever your stance on fur is, the collection of furs Fendi turns out season after season are heaven. With the introduction of Fendi Casa, the home line inspired by the brands Roman roots, will outfit your home as impeccably as your wardrobe. As an avid admirer of architecture and design, the classical proportions of their pieces mixed with a sleek urban edge are a visual home run. This legendary fashion mecca is setting the stage in style, and isn’t afraid to mix colorful furs, geometric cartoons, Mondrian-esque prints, and severe silhouettes into their otherwise classic mix. Fendi forever… Kkb






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