For The Love of Backpacks

For The Love of Backpacks: When I was a model, wearing a chic backpack showed hierarchy. Like if you worked a lot, you had a nice backpack. Sounds silly but I was an unwritten rule! Since my modeling days, back in what seems like the ice age, I always wore and packed everything I could into a backpack. Change of shoes, lip-gloss, gum, check, check, check. Nowadays, on my way to Soul Cycle or even to lunch at Bilboquet, it’s been a staple. As kids are the biggest trendsetters, my youngest daughter became obsessed with the backpack craze. STATE BAGS spoke to her because of the philanthropic aspect. Her favorite is the ADAMS! I love them because they give back in a REAL way, and they monogram your bag too, what could be better?  Giving and chic! My kind of peeps!





Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.13.17 PM




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