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Food Uniform: I CAN Make You HOT!. I wrote the book on being HOT. For many people HOT has different meanings. For me, it is an acronym for Healthy Options Today. When researching for my book, which is the Supermodel diet to healthy living, I evaluated my daily food choices and workout regimen. After a few trial and error go-arounds, I find the formula that works for me and will work for YOU. My daily Green Vibrance drinks helps to jumpstart my metabolism in the morning and healthy superfoods like antioxidant packed blueberries make for a great breakfast. Lunch is a spinach salad and protein like chicken or tuna. Dinner is chicken BAKED wings with my kids! The secret is in the sauce, BAKED not fried! No fatty dressing, I opt for truffle salt and a side salad. I don’t forego treats! Carbs are fine but in the middle of the day. Think about it, why eat pasta at night? Carbs are energy and who needs energy to sleep? Making simple choices like cutting out dairy and regular 20 minute daily run can truly transform the body. Hint: Use your Nike app to track your progress and set personal goals. You’d be surprised at how many steps you take in a day. I have lost 50lbs twice! I never starved, I simply was strategic and regimented with my food choices. Indulge yourself on your cheat day but after a while sweets cravings will diminish. It’s like getting your body used to waking up at the same time everyday and you dins yourself waking up at 7AM on a Saturday. The body is an amazing machine! Follow these simple steps and your body will thank you come Bikini season! HINT: Gum is a great alternative to mindless snacking! Kkb

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