Elegant Equine

Equine chic is a look that has been in style for ages! From old school Fox Hunting attire worn by the Edwardians to the stirrup pants strutting down the Gucci runways, this look is here to stay! As an avid equestrian, I find the horsewoman costume to be not only chic, but a true celebration of the sport and helps to show the riders respect for the horse and tradition. Even if canter and trot are not in your vernacular, everyone can embrace the equestrian style. Navy blue tailored blazers, sim khaki pants, crisp white linen shirts, and high black boots are always in style and infinitely apropos. I find this look is paired best with a fresh face and natural hair. As much as this look is about tailoring and appropriateness, there as a casualness to it which makes it effortlessly sexy! Home decor influenced by horses is so gorgeous and I always draw inspiration from the barn as the warmth in decor is beautiful in any home. Horsing around on the weekends is one of my favorite activities as it is a great workout and my girls love it too!









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