Blow Out Remedy

IMG_5364When you’re a women with places to go, you inevitably end up reaching for the blow dryer more often than is good for your hair. I get my hair blown out at least four times a week. All that heat can damage delicate hair follicles, so it’s essential to keep hair hydrated and healthy. My long time friend and celebrity colorist Kathleen Flynn Hui lured me into the love of serum.

To avoid dry lifeless locks, hair needs moisture. When you step out of the shower with wet hair, the follicle is open and like a sponge – it will soak up whatever you put in there. I started using SALON AKS‘ special serum on my hair straight out of the shower and it’s helped to add shine and bounce.

Salon AKS Serum contains 3 raw active ingredients: Vitamin E, Keratin, and Argan oil, which makes even the most blown out hair look smooth and healthy. Get it here.


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