GOOD MORNING 2021!New Years Eve is usually a big night out! The first day of the year is either a day watching Netflix and eating Chinese food, or for me the new day of the New Year is always a special day. I love to wake up early on NEW YEARS day, and start the year with pure and positive intentions. Some people write lists of what they are never going to do, and I made a concerted effort to think about what I really want the year to look like.Every year, I make these books with mixbook.com of the memories I made with my girls, family, and friends. So, its important to plan how my year is going to look. I get a lot of heat for making memories- but the truth it’s I’d rather be proactive and create great memories, rather than reactive and try to make nothing into something.It’s ok to write down a list of what you want to accomplish. So, I said I was going to get a few things done this January, and here’s some of what I did.

  1. My nails are LONG and STRONG. I started going to OASIS Nail Spa on West 10th because I was tired of getting a manicure done every week. Hands and feet are very important and definitely clue people into your level of hygiene- so keep nails neat. I started using powder and my nails have never looked prettier.
  2. I SOLD two properties of real estate this month! It’s my first year at DOUGLAS ELLIMAN and I’m so proud that I have properties closing every week for the next three weeks. It’s so funny for so many real estate agents told me I’d never be able to work in real estate. I guess I can edit magazines and pass the NY STATE and FLORIDA real estate exams- and sell too. Lesson learned! Don’t underestimate your ability to make money, and always work with people who work with/for you-not against you. It’s a deal/transaction business- its not personal- I learned this the hard way!
  3. Family time. So I may have driven with my daughter to bring a hot cocoa and egg sandwich to my father who is in South Carolina- twice. So that’s 40 hours in the car. My daughter Teddy is such a great a co-pilotless. I really appreciate her time and her playlists. We know the best rest stops from NYC to South Carolina- if you are interested.
  4. Plants. So Im the new mother of two 5’7 fig leaf plants. W are very proud of our new friends, and so far Fluffy loves them.
  5. NEW YEAR NEW HOME: Since Ive been working from home so much, I decided to give a little love to my apartment. First stop, the television. I literally look at my tv every day- and I’m wondering what I can do to make it less obvious in my apartment. Make it a mirror tv? If you have any thoughts, please DM me on INSTAGRAM. My desk is now a gorgeous new marble kitchen counter from Lorich Construction. They even updated my daughters bathrooms! Next stop are my couches, I cant wait for you to see how I have curated my apartment which feels fresh, modern, and natural.

I cant wait to see what you think of my apartment. Xxkkb

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