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This week has been an exciting time for high-profile buyers and sellers! According to the Wall Street Journal, Ivanka and Jared have sold their Miami rental for a whopping $17 million. Meanwhile, Peter Morton, co-founder of the Hard Rock brand, has just purchased a luxurious home in East Hampton for $35 million – and it appears that they purchased the furniture as well! This surge in high-end real estate sales has been a boon to furniture stagers, who are making a mint by reselling the stage furniture. It seems some people just want it all!

Home Buyers Get Ahead of Supply-Chain Issues by Purchasing the House and Everything Inside

One couple in California paid $30,000 for all of the seller’s furniture so they wouldn’t have to ‘sit in an empty house

Gerardo and Rita Luna had been seeking a more tranquil home away from the hustle and bustle of city life, so when they found a 6-acre estate in Santa Paula, they decided to make the move. The estate was significantly larger than their roughly 2,700-square-foot home in Oxnard, Calif., and they paid $2.4 million for the upgrade. Mr. Luna remarked that they wouldn’t be able to “shake their neighbors’ hands through the window” anymore, indicating that their new home was much more spacious. All in all, the Lunas seem to have found their perfect fit and are happily settled in their new home.

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‘He Acts Swiftly.’ An Investor’s 5-Year, Nearly $100 Million Buying Spree on Nantucket and Martha’s VineyardA Vero Beach Dream Compound

David Malm has acquired a large property portfolio on the affluent Massachusetts islands in a short period of time

Located seven miles from the shore of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is a wealthy area where people of Brahmin culture are prevalent. Those with financial means tend not to show off, and ostentatious real estate transactions are not common.

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A Massachusetts Couple Traded Their Historic Farmhouse for Something Much More Modern

Their new home: A minimalistic glass rectangle that spans 2,000 square feet on a single level

Donna Morgan’s former clothing line was renowned for its conservative designs and affordability. Her dresses often featured bright colors and were a frequent sight at dinner parties in the South and on bridesmaids in the US.

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Source: WSJ

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