Patterns are Forever

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Summer is here, so while we are amping up our closets with the latest trends, let’s also fix up our homes. The easiest way to get your house looking festive for summer is by adding color, lots and lots of color. I sewed my Hermes scarves together and and made them into interchangeable pillows. It’s a lot better than letting them sit in a drawer. Now my girls and I throw them around the apartment and amp up each room with a fun colorful cozy pillow. Try little scarves or even shoe dusters as fun branding for a teen room. Your home should always reflect your personal style. FullSizeRender

DIY tips: Repurpose things you love. Use books as decor, save money by painting yourself – you don’t have to be a Picasso to make something bright and fun for your home. Frame your childrens art work, add fresh seasonal flowers, mix and match colors and fabics. Think like a collector, never be contrived. Rotate furniture to keep a space fresh.



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