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HALSTON’s, one of our most memorable American fashion designers and lifestyle maverick of the 70s-80s, home designed by Paul Rudolph is on the market. The last owner of this epic townhouse is currently owned home by Gunter Sachs estate. Sachs was a Swiss millionaire and photographer and was most known for by his relationship with actress and French bikini icon Bridget Bardot. Halston’s 7500 square foot townhouse on 101 East 63 is EPIC to say the least. I’m not sure if it’s the three story greenhouse, Liza Minellis private residence on the top floor equipped with a full kitchen and epic marble original floors, or the floating stairs that I find more alluring. The entrance walls are decorated with museum quality black and white photographs of the A- listers who have come to stay, play, and misbehave in Halston’s hive. Above the iconic floating staircase are a series of 90s Supermodel Claudia Schiffers lips, and a massive three floor to ceiling glass window. Of course there is a two car garage on the ground floor for drive in convenience, and the first floor kitchen is designed to perfection to host parties. The silver fittings on the doors are from the 70s and in impeccable condition. Im being nice when I say they are better than what’s on the market now. Im kinda feeling that Restoration Hardware should do a line of furniture and fittings called, HALSTON. The fittings are literally INSANE. What else can I gush over?  Oh wait, did I tell you about the original white marble tile that is so unreal in all the bathrooms. I wasn’t there for the nighttime escapades, but this home makes you feel a real time FOMO- we missed out on A LOT.  This wasn’t an instagram era, this was a ‘if you were invited you didnt know what was going on’ era. Seeing this apartment inspired me to put down my phone and to invite my friends to my upcoming birthday lunch. I literally want to wear high waisted pants, and let my hair go wild and have fun- in the spirit of Halston. The interiors blew me away, and the history that permeates the air really made me think twice. We need to put our phones down, buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Gianvito Rossi lucite heels and have some real fun. Its time to start living. You can live just like Halston!


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