Decoration of Houses

I started using #kkbstyle after appearing on #RHONY following the great response I received based on my apartment aesthetic. Interiors have always been a passion project of mine and I take pride in providing a beautiful, comfortable, and functional environment for my girls. As the ultimate aesthete, I marry many different styles, colors, and textures to create my signature look. Drawing inspiration from Edith Wharton’s The Decoration of Houses, I pulled the key takeaways. I was honestly so surprised that I was doing many things in Wharton-approved Manner!

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Decor Tip: No drapes are required as long as you have pretty windows and a nice view. Make sure to keep the windows super clean!



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Decor Tip: Avoid using rugs in hallways, bedrooms, and dining rooms for a sleek, clean look. I find them cozy in the living room but unnecessary in other rooms, especially for those with allergies!


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Decor Tip: Bed linens are best in white cotton or linen. The look is clean, modern, and timeless. Matching dog, optional!

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Decor Tip: The grander the house the simpler the kitchen. Keep it sleek, chic, and polished.

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