Love Yourself First

I love Valentines Day for it a playful and fun day filled with love and candy. If you have a significant other, make sure that person feels loved and cared for. Discover 5 Love Languages and see what your love language is and how it correlates to your special someone. We all have different needs and desires- I know my daughter loves me when she cooks for me. And my other daughter shows me her love by calling and connecting me to where she is and what’s she’s doing. I show love by gift giving and acts of service. I like people to feel good and respected around me. 

There are also the traditional ways of showing how you care like gorgeous roses, chocolates, and even fun red painted finger nails. I love Cosabella red panties and bras- they are sophisticated and playful. Cute red altheisure is always fun by @splits59. Wear a red Zara overcoat with a cozy red sweater to outdoor dining. I love red leather pants from– they are great with a teeshirt. I also love traveaux-en-cours red canvas bags- great for travel. Use my code KELLY for 15 percent off. Whatever you do on the special lovey day- have fun. Don’t take the day too seriously- spend more time to prepare for a memory you’ll never forget-  not an expectation you will regret. 

I wish and hope you have a cozy and special Valentine’s Day 



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