Its been a rough road guys. The numbers of deaths are getting larger by the day. Loved ones with vulnerabilities are vanishing before our very eyes. It’s an uncertain time with a lot of fear and anxiety. 

Here are a few of answers to some questions I’ve been asked, and a few thoughts. 

1. I brought my college age girls from their schools down to Florida. I was personally privy to 9/11, and Hurricane Sandy. I made the executive decision to have my girls finish up their semesters in Palm Beach. They are both healthy and finishing the semester on a high note.

2. Teddy and I created our own #meetmywilson in order to shed some lights on a dark veiled time. I make mine out of a coconut and  added Easter bunny ears. Teddys was  made out of an avocado.

3. Twice a day, I go outside for myself. I walk with Sea every morning, and I take a light 2 mile run, every afternoon.

4. Teddy and I created a podcast called KKBLOVES BLAHBLAH to talk about that which effects both her age and my age from beauty to social media. 

5. I’ve loved the no nail polish and no color on my hair. Sea takes my grey hairs away by using 7N and developer. Yes, you can do this at home.

6. I opened a MailChimp account and created a strategic email list for those who I know are interested in my commercial and real estate exclusive listings with the Holly Parker Team and Douglas Elliman. The response is incredible. 

7. I’ve been supporting the GET GO program for FOODBANK4NYC. This organization feeds our NEW YORKERS every day. I’m so humbled by their in the trenches work. 

8. Connecting with fans. I’ve made a concerted effort to talk to my fan base on both twitter and Instagram. So please continue to talk to me and let me know what you like/ dislike. 

I really appreciate your support. I have bad days too. I have the same fear and worry we all do. Are my kids going to be ok? Will I get sick? Will I be able to provide for my kids? What will happy with the future of New York City. Will my father be ok? I’m worried too. But I can only focus on 






Let’s do this! 

Much love always.


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