My daily mantra is to balance a little Om, and a little oh yeah! 

I have tried guided meditations, and even just listened to my own breath because I was experiencing panic attacks in my mid twenties. Maybe I was a traveling too much and alone working as a model. Regardless of the reason, I was getting them. So, I had to figure out what was triggering me. I started practicing yoga and learned a lot from Dechen Thurman who taught me that there are so many things I naturally do daily that keep me centered.

I have always been flexible, but I found out from my yoga practice that I am really responsive to headstands. So, I started breathing and acknowledging what I’m grateful for during my headstands. I also learned other ways to maintain mindfulness and create ways to pause.

We’ve had a rough year, and here are a few of the ways I get through the challenging days and give gratitude for the good days.

1. I love headstands. Any kind of inversion is helpful for blood flow.

2. Running with no music. I love a light 20 min jog every other day- my favorite way to run is with no music and to listen to my city, or just my breath. When I was training for the NEW YORK CITY marathon, I used to go to the barn,ride my horse, and run home in the dark- the sound of my breath and my footsteps were very soothing.

3. Everyday I play the piano, and I play the song Happiness- which is a simple and easy to learn song, but it helps me start the day with good intentions. LINK TO HAPPINESS Piano Music insert here

4. The calm app. I used this app a lot when my mother was sick. I used to sit on the floor of my childhood bedroom and listen to a few minutes of guided meditation. It kept me centered and focused on what was important versus what I was afraid of.

5. Throughout the day, I drink camomile tea,and at night I drink CALM tea. I always leave music on in the kitchen- so when I come down in the morning, or when I leave to go to bed- there is always classical music. It’s not an active meditation- but rather a passive meditation.

I want to share with you one thing I always tell my girls. We only live once, and we make our own choices. I choose every day to live well, work smart, care for those in my life and in my community.

Happy thoughts!

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