Happy Mental Heath Day!

Today is one of those days that people brush off because they think, ‘ I’m good. I’m fun. I’m doing great. Why do I need to stop and reflect? I’m in a great time in my life! ’ Mental Health Day isn’t about judging how good you are — it’s about taking a moment to pause. Here are a few ideas that I use in my life and what I practice with my children:

1. Be curious not furious. 

2. Before reacting – take a second and then answer the question asked. Just because someone is getting upset- doesn’t mean you need to.

3. Acknowledge the difference between venting vs complaining

4. I do headstand every morning and tell myself what I’m grateful for: my family, friends, people I work with, my ability to provide for my family. 

5. Start your morning with a bowl of fruit and a glass of hot water and lemon. Start your day clean. 

I’m always in need of improvement — so please give me insight into what you do to maintain balance!

I wish you all a great day that reminds you of how incredible you really are. 


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