My youngest daughter Teddy is on a health kick, well actually she is on the swim team and swimming like crazy. Note to self: swimming sheds pounds , GET that kick board out and kick for 20 laps and tell me how fit you feel after-and relaxed, I digress, per usual. Ted’s loving by CHLOE — this not so new restaurant/postmates epic center for delivery. The food there is off the food charts: healthy, vegan, and really tasty. And, the crowd of milenninals who are sitting next to you are studying to be doctors, or are from Los Angeles and have the coolest cool vibe. Literally, I was awkwardly checking out what girls were wearing, and embarrassed  my teenage Ted with one of my looks like, “Hey I like her sweatershirt, You?”

Lets get into the thick of it. We’ve established the customer vibe, but the actual gastronomic vegan tour de force needs to be addressed. My oldest daughters go to is the ‘avo” toast and my youngest Ted, had the guac burger. We both had the FOUND seltzer. I tried the watermelon, and Teddy had the elderflower. Sorry, Tim Ferris, we did go alkaline on you!

by CHLOE is KNOWN for their ice cream, and chipotle aioli, but my go to is the kale caesar with tempeh.

I highly suggest taking a friend during holiday shopping in SOHO. You can go after your SAMY class at SOUL CYCLE (Ill probably be there), or just are feeling healthy and very cool. Cool vibe required. Definitely wear your CANADA GOOSE in there, and heads up because there are models everywhere.

Keep it lean this holiday and send me photos of you eating so I can have food envy on my Instagram kellybensimon.

More to come,




by CHLOE 240 Lafayette St. NY NY 10012 11am-10pm


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