KKBs fried chicken

Superbowl isnt just a sporting event. Superbowl is a food buying and crazy meal making event that brings out the best cooks and the worst cooks. Two years ago, I tried to make wings that were so frozen, it took forever to cook them. It was so embarrassing as I was ‘casually’ entertaining my friends, and not being able to give them food that wasn’t half-frozen. Fortunately, I have good taste in wine. For red, Chateau Figeac is my go to, and Kris and Santa Marghertia are my white wines of choice, and of course beer: Blue Moon, Corona, and Budweiser. This year, I wanted to make chicken wings that are delicious. I made my yummy spicy red sauce which is a combo of hot sauce and honey. Then I took chicken wings and bathed them in egg yolks, dipped them in pretzel crumbs. and baked them for 45 mins at 350. They were such a hit that I kept making them all night. I was never more proud to continue cooking in my life 9except for cooking for my kidlets). There is something to be said about cooking as a form of love. I was so moved by how everyone loved my delicious chicken. Its true, the simplest thing can be sometimes the most complicated. There is nothing casual about a Superbowl meal. There is nothing less important than making friends and family feel at home in your home. The hearth is the center of the home. Eat up!


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