I was asked by Foodbank4nyc to submit a quote, and it propelled me to answer a couple of important questions. Food Poverty doesn’t discriminate. It has effected so many people of all walks of life. The one reason my girls and I have worked for Foodbank4nyc for over 11 years is because I was adamant about putting my voice down, and serving those who are in need. It’s been an incredible experience baking cookies with Chef Sheri, organizing the pantry so it looks like a real grocery store for the guests, dancing with the seniors, decorating the soup kitchen for the holidays, going through the food at the warehouse, painting children’s faces at the SouperBowl, handing out turkeys and chickens during the holidays, and bringing warm coats to those in need during COVID-19 winter months. It’s been a honor to work with and for all of our New Yorkers. I feel blessed and humbled by the work Foodbank4nyc does every day: they help prepare taxes, have fed 1,202,000,000+ meals, help over 1,800 NY Charitees, and  have an emergency response team. They are on the frontlines everyday because our New Yorkers are worth it.

1. Of all the places you could choose to donate your time, what made you choose FBNYC? I wanted my girls and I to volunteer together and do something that was really going to make a difference. Food poverty and ending hunger are a top priority for me and my girls.

2. What is the power of volunteering for a cause that matters to you? Helping others who can’t help themselves has always been a part of my DNA. The girls and I are helping others and they are helping us right back. We have such powerful memories at the Foodbank4nyc. 

3. Do you have a personal connection to hunger that draws you to our mission? I don’t have a personal connection-but I do have a strong sense of empathy and always want the best for everyone. It’s heartbreaking to see anyone not have a meal. No one deserves that. 

4. Have you had an experience or interaction while volunteering with us that has stayed with you? I’ve shared so many experiences with the Foodbank4nyc. I have to say that when the girls and I are at the Foodbank4nyc and we are doing something special for someone that resonates. Foodbank4nyc is a substantial part of our lives and my family’s history. We will always remember every time we walk through the doors of the pantry. 

5. What motivates you to continue fighting hunger with us? I work with Foodbank4nyc because they are getting the job done. They are feeding our New Yorkers and making them feel secure that one healthy and delicious meal a day is provided for them. 1,202,000,000 meals proves their conviction. 

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