FOOD GOD is making me crazy

The FOOD GOD’S instagram is making me crazy, especially the LEVAIN bakery cookie post! Ever since I wrote my second novel, THE SECOND COURSE ( the sequel to A DANGEROUS AGE) available on, I have become obsessed with food. Its really chef Mark Murphy’s fault. I had such a blast in his kitchen at TIME WARNER buildings location of  LANDMARC  and learned so much about food and how to be creative with food.What Im getting at is my new love of food has exploded.

Heres my food diary from this weekend:

FRIDAY: I had dinner at GRAMERCY TAVERN, where Lucinda took epic care of me. I had the tastiest monkfish, and a flavors in the meatloaf are legendary.For dessert, I had to try the peach cobbler which was savory- I ate the entire thing


SATURDAY: It started at lunch at Le Bilbouquet where I had my go to the chicken curry salad, and tasted the cajun chicken. Note; once you taste the cajun chicken, you will have the taste in your mouth and crave it!IMG_2150

21. I went there to get a reservation, and ended up enjoying a glass of wine at the bar. The woman sitting next to me in her over the top chinchilla fur was eating warm spinach that smelled so good it filled the room. her dapper partner was eating the lamp chops. I guess I just happened to be at the right pale at the right time. The flavor wrapped me and my wool coat like a fur blanket. And yes, I got my reservation for Christmas EVE dinner!IMG_2205

I headed over to The MOMA to see Louise Bourgeois sculptures, and to visit my favorite shoe store Manolo Blahnik.


The collection at the MOMA is so inspirational.I will never forget when I was working at ELLE ACCESORIES, Id go to the MOMA when the editors where making me kookoo and look for inspiration from the collection and the art books. When I would come back to office with a new pair of shoes and a fresh outlook, no one could stop the on pour of new ideas I needed to put onto the pages of the magazine!

Lets head to dinner…

In the same midtown neighborhood, I walked over to Ruth Chris steak house. Everyone of my finance friends says its so good! So, I decided to see for myself. The creamed spinach and calamari were a meal unto themselves. And, the steak was so moist and juicy. I couldnt resist the fun high top tables in the bar.


SUNDAY: My daughter Teddy and I headed to the Hamptons to ride at BG Stables at TWO TREES farm and went to lunch at Pierres. I had the salmon nicoise and Asian chicken soup looked amazing. The desserts were incredible coffee poured over ice cream in a parfait.


It was a gastronomic tour de force and I loved eating my way through the weekend. Thank god for my runs and soul cycle classes. What I hope you learn from me, is  to eat meals. Don’t snack. think of your calories like money in your account. Save the calories for your meals. DONT drink your calories with coffee drinks. SAVE those calories for meals. AND, allow yourself the luxury to enjoy the world of food.FOOD is expensive, treasure your meals! Ive had enough eating disorders to fill this page. But Ive learned to spoil myself, and love myself, FIRST!

Send me photos of you eating your favorite foods and check out my novel THE SECOND COURSE .



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