5 things you need to do to be happier

5 things you need to do to be happier: 1. Drink a chlorophyll water juice every morning. 2. Remember your mind/body work like a lightbulb-its all electricity. Everyone deals with personal and professional issues differently, BUT we personally deal with those issues the same for we only have one electrical system.- so apply how you deal with work and personal life the same way. 3. We all are built with certain data. Are you a morning person/night person, do you work better alone/ are you a team player, are you warm blooded person/cold blooded/do you easily tire? Recognize what your data is made up of- and keep reminding yourself of how you work best 4. Take more walks- if you want to talk to someone, take them on a walk: movement helps people synthesize information. 5. In order to be happy, you need to be happy. I come for the Midwest where my mindset is to FEED america. What’s your core mindset?

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