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Thank you CHEDDARTV for the fashion trends segment! Spring/Summer 2020 which we call in the fashion industry SS2020, is all about breaking boundaries and rules. There is a built in timelessness, which parallels the sustainability which is a growing concern. Clothing as disposable is no longer a thing. We want identification with a brand, and we want to hold onto these separates and wear them in different ways. We are also craving comfort. As you can see WE WORE WHAT is sporting a power suit with the shoe of the season: THE WHITE SNEAKER. Nature and the color hue is center stage :sunset hues, fiery reds, and bright orange, magentas are the Pantone colors of the season- so bring those colors into your home decor next spring, too! And, now for SMART DRESSING. We are struggling with navigating day to night. But now that the #BOSSLADY vibe is cool, it’s chic to wear a suit at night-means you are making your own money! And as you can see by the front row bloggers, Suiting is IN, and wearing that power suit in a new way is even more IN. So, its safe to say, the suit is the new IT girl, sorry socialites! 
Another trend is the Bermuda short as the new skirt. Again, we are looking for more effortless separates that we can wear day or night, work to bar, and brunch. We all want seamless lifestyles that look the part and make us feel great.
Thank you ELIE TAHARI for showing us your chic inspiration. You’ve come a long way since you designed the tube top!

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