I’m so proud of my second season of EnVille. This outerwear capsule collection originated from the success of taking a casual slipper and dressing it with fur during the winter months. Whenever I make anything, I fill a void in my own closet. How I dress is my kind of narrative. It’s a way for me to tell my story- who I am and what I need in my life to make me feel comfortable and local anywhere. EnVille is an elevated casual line that resonates with a lot of my clients who have a casual lifestyle. During their downtime, they want to still feel and look good. I’m grateful I can connect with my customer and make what they love. They asked for shearling, I made coats that speak to trends, but are still chic and simple. I take it personally what my clients like and need. I even named pieces in the spirit of my friends and family. And, the price points which range from $650-$2100 are directly related to the direct to consumer business model. We make the coats, and sell them to you directly. I answered some FAQ’s so you could get a better sense of who I am and what is EnVille.
1. How did you come up with idea of En Ville?
The name EnVille comes from the way people would communicate in the early 1900s. In France, they would write ‘enville’ on the front of their stationary so that their friends knew they were ‘in town.’
2. What year did you start this?
I started the collection of EnVille last Fall 2018.
3. Where do you sell it and why this business model for sales?
My sales are intimate and direct to consumer. I sell on the Pologeorgis website
 www.pologeorgis.com, and from my instagram and social media channels. I like having my clients DM me and fall in love with what I’m selling-its a part of me and that’s what resonates with the clients. They recognize that I want them to look great, and cool.
4. Why Pologeorgis as partner for capsule?
Pologeorgis was a natural progression for they are associated with quality and luxury. I like to align with experts, so my clients are getting that which I covet.
5. What other things are you up to as you seem to be doing so much?
My job is to be a curator of experiences. I work in high end real estate in both commercial and residential real estate with the Holly Parker Team at Douglas Elliman-last year was 8 billion dollars in sales. My objective is to sell the 5 mm home with the 5 mm lifestyle. As an arbiter and synthesizer of whats new and fresh, Ive always been exposed to the lastest and the greatest, and I want to share that knowledge.
6. Tell us about Glenn Bradford/ jewelry relationship 
This summer I met an amazing artisan, and decided to help move the needle with his designs by celebrating them on my instagram. Instagram is an amazing platform and vehicle to share what you love. Ive spent years learning, now its my time to shares and celebrate who is doing the most innovative designs. 
7. Tell us about Doneger
Ive always been an advocate of wearing high end and off priced clothing. Quality is quality and good taste is good taste. A price tag doesn’t define good taste, an aesthetic does. I’m fortunate to have a vast following on social media who are looking for things out of the box.
8. Tell us how the magazine world and writing of novels has effected your mindset.
Since 1995,I’ve been in the fashion and publishing industry. My first job was blogging for 
ELLE.com when I was still at Columbia University. Cindy Crawford was on MTV, and I was blogging about who, what, where, when, and how. The framework you recognize as an Editor and writer is unique for you are the one who colors the pages. I was also in an unusual situation where I also worked with advertisers and sold all the magazines I worked for. The books I wrote came out of voids in the market. I wrote American Style for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for I wanted women to know who were the incons wearing the style. Mr Givenchy was right, Americans are cool. In the Spirit of the Hamptons grew from an earnest place. I wanted to celebrate the ultimate vacation destination, and highlight how the American socialites and fisherman live harmoniously. It was an incredible opportunity to reference storytelling and fact- all of this happened in a library, not on google. It was an incredible journey and made me very proud of the Hamptons as a whole. And, my novels: A DANGEROUS AGE and THE SECOND COURSE were written about the fashion/publishing world and the food world because those jobs were on the tip of everyones tongue. If you want to get into those fields, I want you to know what that looks like, smells like, tastes like, feels like, and can be. 

Photo credit Dimitrios Kambouris @gettyimages

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