This Fall we definitely don’t want to get out of our Pajamas as we can’t go anywhere – ANYWAY! I’m obsessed with @HALEBOB. The dresses are so easy to wear, comfortable,and very feminine. Every time I wear one of their dresses, I get so many compliments. And, I’m not going to lie, it feels good for people to acknowledge what you are wearing. I love when anyone says effortless style. Style is an effort. Dresses have to fit correctly, and the way it looks effortless is if it fits well- so its not easy, but its worth the effort when a designer makes it look easy. So stay cozy, go for the pretty look, and have a wonderful holiday season. Stay tuned on my INSTAGRAM for my #OOTD. And, send me a picture of you wearing your favorite HALEBOB dress. Moccasins by @quoodymaine PHOTO CREDS @JOSHNORRISPHOTOGRAPHY Xxkkb

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