Every season, we dream and salivate over this season’s “It bag.” I’m a victim of loving the most chic bags in the world. And, I love fashion more than fashion itself. In the fever of this season’s economic climate, a lot of men and women are purchasing very expensive jewelry and accessories. I am one of those people. I feel that it’s more important to buy a luxury good than to go to 10 dinners. Invite your friends over for drinks- and buy yourself something special for investment reasons. I bought my red Hermes BIRKIN 40 when I was in college at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and modeling. I used the bag for all of my classes and put all my books inside. It was the heaviest and chicest book bag, ever! It was a showpiece for how well I was doing in modeling. Now, that I look back at that investment I am so proud that I purchased it and all the bags since for my daughters- they will have bags for the wow factor, and more importantly they can sell any of the bags if there is ever a need. So, whats the point? BUY WHAT YOU LOVE! Here are your choices: INVEST in you. INVEST in real estate, INVEST in accessories, and INVEST in that which holds value.

Send me photos of what you bought. Make a special memory. 

xx KKB

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