In the Spirit of Daughters Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about parenting — how I was raised,  and how I’ve raised my girls. I’m not perfect. I am so flawed, and I don’t strive for perfection — I dream to achieve. 

My father worked smart so I could have better opportunities than he did. I want to give that gift to my girls — the gift of creating opportunity. 

Some of my thoughts you may not know:

1. I’ve always put them first

2. Their education came before everything

3. Saying NO was the best thing I ever did

4. I am their parent — I am not their friend

5. I love them unconditionally

6. They are my legacy

7. I feel proud because of who they are

8. I listen — rather than hear

9. I don’t always stick up for them

10. Work smart so they learn to

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