What an incredible GOLDEN GLOBES! It was so cool to see all of the talented actors, producers, and comedians who we all LOVE- IN THEIR HOMES! I can’t get over seeing all the families, children, loved ones, and pets. It made me feel so connected to humans who are so unattainable. Here are a few of my awards from this year. Please always send me what your thoughts are.

Here’s the list:

Best Dressed: I CARE ABOUT Rosamund Pike

Best Family: Kate Hudson

Best Thank you: Jason Sudeikis

Television shows I love: Shitts Creek, Ozark, Emily in Paris, Ted Lasso

Most gorgeous: Michelle Pfeiffer

Best moment: recognition of all health care workers

Best Hair: Al Pacino

Obsessed with: Tina Fay and Amy Poehler

Huge Congrats: Jane Fonda – I worked out to her as a kid, and Ive dressed like her as Barbarella, and I find myself laughing like crazy to her show Grace and Frankie.

Best Appearance: By my favorite, Kristen Wiig

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