Morning routine: Organifi green juice –
Every morning I start my day with a large glass of cold water and my green juice. Can’t live without it!

Biz Clothes/Suits: Suit Supply –
Being an athletic male, I have wide shoulders, thin waist, and full glutes & legs. Suit Supply’s fit works for me, and if not they also custom tailor the clothes for the perfect shape.

Dress Shoes: Meermin loafers –
Nothing beats the feel of selling NYC real estate in a comfortable & high-quality loafer .

Cologne: 11 11 Eau De Parfum by Lake & Skye –
My father passed away on 11/11, around 11:11pm. Our apartment # the last 6 years was #1111. For some reason this number is present in my life. Shortly after he passed this cologne came to market and my wife purchased as a surprise gift. Coincidentally it smells like my dad, so every day when I put it on before leaving the house it reminds me of him.

Casual Attire: Vuori Sunday performance jogger (camo) –
Vuori men’s clothes have the most comfortable fabric. Amazing for working out, casual attire, or traveling. I’m obsessed with these camo joggers!

Skin Care: Alitura Clay Mask –
This clay mask is part of my self care weekly schedule. A must before a close shave.

Skin Care: Hemp Infused Lip Balm by NED –
We can’t sell million dollar properties with chapped lips. Come correct when meeting with clients : )

Gym Item: Grid 2.0 Foam Roller –
My foam roller is my best friend. After my green juice I get in some soft tissue work and mobility to start the day.  

Podcast: All the Smoke –
Basketball is life. My 1st true love. Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson come correct every week with the best of the NBA and street culture.

IG account: thephysiofix –
Being an avid fitness fanatic, mobility is key. I love their mobility routines and priming before weight training.

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