One day I was walking down the street and I RAWR’ed. Someone said “Giraffes don’t RAWR” in a mean face and in a mean tone — like they were telling me off. So, I kept walking. I kept saying “rawr, “rawr,” “rawr” to myself in different ways. Rawr! Rawr? Rawr. So, then I just let out a big “RAWR” to myself. They were wrong. Giraffes, do rawr. They rawr loud, they rawr proud, anytime, anywhere — just like you, just like me. So, when someone tells you that you cant be something or do something, just RAWR. 

In the spirit of this past Halloween, I saw so many children and adults dressing up as the best versions of themselves. Some scary, some spooky, little boys with superman outfits on feeling fearless, women with fangs and horns, and even blown up dinosaurs. The greatest joy of Halloween is not about the candy, not about the costume, and not about trick or treating, it’s about how you feel about yourself wearing the costume.

For those who get to dress up like Heidi Klum, or for those who wear clothes from their closet, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing — it’s how it makes you feel. So instead of puting that costume away, why don’t you bring that feeling with you into all of November. 

Here’s to being YOU. Be better, be yourself, and be fearless. Don’t ever let anyone take your RAWR away. 

Don’t forget: Momma giraffe’s watchinggggg 😉

ps. RAWR is I LOVE YOU in dinosaur — now you speak two languages. Shhhhh!

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