PRIDE 2018

In 2011, I was the Queen of the GHMC float for PRIDE. It seems like yesterday. Every year 5th Avenue gets a massive dose of incredible energy from the PRIDE parade. This year, I met one of my favorite Housewives, Erika Jayne, at THE BLOND for the KETEL ONE party, and on PRIDE SUNDAY I walked over to Christopher and Gay Streets on my way to the SOHO HOUSE to celebrate PRIDE on the rooftop. I have a special affinity for this day. I have so many close friends who are gay. I started modeling at 16 in New York City, and there were a lot of gays in the industry. I wasn’t raised to judge someone by their sexuality or skin color. I was raised to celebrate people who were dynamic and game changers. One of my closest friends Bradley Irion put GREAT LENGTH extensions in my hair right before I filmed BRAVO TVs REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK “SCARY ISLAND” trip to St. Johns for he wanted me to feel beautiful during the trip. Having long hair made me feel beautiful.  For the first time in my life, I felt fearless, and really beautiful. I had gorgeous long hair that was put in with love. As a model, one is always told you “aren’t” good enough, thin enough, the look they are looking for , or not the style… ” And growing up as a girl who was 5’10 was also a daily fight. I was mocked for having broad shoulders and for being taller than the average Midwestern girl. As a model, every day, its always something you aren’t RIGHT for. I loved the way I looked and wasn’t afraid to finally stick up for myself and feel good about myself. Months later, I learned the hard way that sticking up for yourself isn’t the right thing to do. Bullies always win, and those who are bullied usually are the ones who get in trouble. So instead of being able to show off my Superpower, I was forced to recognize that I had to just walk away from or tolerate those who wanted to “destroy my life.” I learned that the hard way.

Im not trying to say that my plight has any similarites or holds the same gravity to what gay men and women deal with on a daily basis, but I am expressing that everyone has their own story. All personal stories are valid.  The good news is that through my hair, I made a friend for life. Bradley helped to co-parent my children, and has been and an amazing family friend. I celebrate my Gay and LGBTQ men and women. I have always heralded your SUPERPOWERS and will continue to support you during the good times and the bad. Please always reach out to me about your successes and failures. LIfe is SHORT. Don’t sweat the small stuff, for it is SO SMALL.

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