What goes on our skin is just as important as what goes into our mouths. For food, the new trend is plant based. I’m loving By Chloe and Butchers Daughter for dinner. Recently, I was introduced to Le Botaniste. 💯 organic and 💯 plant based is a trend that’s not going away. One Ocean Beauty is Clean Beauty. What does that mean? It means that they use marine collagen that has been taken from the ocean and create the most efficient and healthful way to treat and protect your skin. Marine collagen can help to hydrate the wrinkles that we don’t want. And the hydration mist that combats pollution that actually ages us is incredible. I’m so proud to work with a company that believes in me as much as I believe in me. Let me know which products you like the best. I love the marine collagen pills. I can see a difference in my skin. Take the leap into clean beauty and keep me posted on how you feel and look. Xx kkb

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