Butt in 7 days

BUTT in 7 days. Guys, here it is. I was running everyday for the last few months as my schedule has been hectic with real estate, my Florida real estate license, and my new link in bio initiative that’s coming SOON. On my birthday, my allergies went crazy and I headed for an indoor exercise class with Sam Yearsley at Soul Cycle. I felt so good after the vigorous workout that I took Akins class the next day, which was even as strenuous but made me feel even better. And his message of being strategic about your week and how you live your life resonated with me. Akin talked about having a roadmap to your day and week, and not just waking up and roboting through the day. Serendipitously, Splits59 sent me a few new leggings which I immediately tried on as the color schemes were so cool and have a very 70s vibe that I like to wear. I didn’t change my eating habits of fresh fruit in the am, carbs and veggies at lunch,and veggies and protein at night. And yes, I’m still drinking my chlorophyll water every morning. The 45 minute workouts have tightened me up,and energized me so much. This is the first time in years, I am actually not afraid to go outside during allergy season. My body is literally getting rid of toxins every morning, and my I’m feeding my body what it needs to be a well oiled machine. My energy is higher, and I’m even more focused at work. There were two shifts: one a more intensive workout, and two a more strategic mindset. Every day is a challenge for all of us, but if we seek positivity and surround ourselves with like minded people, our success rate is higher. I literally was in the cab last night,and my phone died. I had a quiet moment and I just started smiling. I realized at that moment how lucky I am that I get to work with my friends – people I really like and admire. My girls are so happy in college, and I’m starting to have fun with my life after raising two girls alone. It’s been 21 years of parenting alone, and I’ve never been happier and now in the last seven days I’m more FIT. So thank you SoulCycle: SamY, and Akin for stepping up my game, and to opening me up to being better. And thank you to everyone who’s been with me on this journey. You guys have seen me at my worst and hopefully will see me at my best. I feel it coming…

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